We would love each of you to add a post in our classmate blog!  It could be an update about your retirement, career, where you are now, number of kids, g-kids you have, successes, losses, health challenges, etc. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!  Steve Oliver & Linda Loveland Cornelius
November 9, 2014

Classmate Blog - Keeping in Touch


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Diana King on June 28, 2019 9:37 PM
BRIEFLY: I live in the North end oh, no that's wrong. I actually am in Eagle, now, almost right behind Dickey's Barbecue on State St. (Townhomes) Thing IS :I have a car but no driver's license as I am currently waiting to take the 'EXAM'

Candy (Black) Fowers on August 4, 2014 4:01 PM
Candace J. (Black) Fowers
1609 West Kennewick Avenue
Kennewick, WA 99336
Education:  Oh, believe me, it was ALL “education”!
After graduation,I promptly left Boise (shaking the dust off my feet-sorry! …) and headed to BYU.  I majored in Clothing and Textiles and design (planned on being an Audrey-Hepburn –type Fashion Designer) and minored in Math (I LOVE math… creative-type, Geometry, Algebra, etc). Too bad! I really NEEDED Accounting…
Got married in 1965 (Odd! All the guys there were VERY marriage-minded –unlike Borah, where I never experienced dating!) and moved to the Ogden area, went to Weber College, and changed my major to ECE (Early Childhood Development) .The college didn’t have Textiles, and I was expecting our first, so felt that Child Psychology would be “helpful” in my new, chosen career ;)
Quit school, 1 ½ Semesters short of a degree (kids! Don’t try this at home!). Because, well, all of those classes were teaching the importance of the mom/child relationship, particularly in the first four years, and I was LEAVING my baby to attend college!  An oxymoronic situation if ever there was one, so I started on my forty-seven year “field test” in Child Psychology and never looked back (until last year, when I enrolled in “Pathway”- a degree completion program from BYUI)  I just survived that, with an “4.0” average, and will eventually graduate, although the requirements have CHANGED, somewhat :/
I cite the “4.0” average, because I was an underachiever in my previous school-life! Some counselors and teachers are spinning in their graves and muttering “I TOLD you so!”

Family Information :
With such a head start, of course I was blessed to have a large family (actually, it wasn’t at all easy, but I persevered).  I was trying to have twelve children, like my beloved “Aunt Lillie” of Boise, but had to stop at ten. I DID attach 5 foster children (my oldest liked to bring them home ;), and numerous hangers-on (my motto: “if you stay longer than three days, you have a chore on the chart, and you are MINE”)- I am, like all mothers everywhere, crazy about them and they are completely perfect, in my eyes!
From our eight married children (we have two “bachelorettes”, living in a restored Victorian house in SLC-one is a Graphics Designer, and one is an authoress see “Stephanie Fowers”) we have 41 grandchildren, and are expecting four more this year.

Besides the poetry contest, I can only remember the day that I felt like joining something and wandered into Mrs Bushnell's Home Ec Club.  They were taking a test, so I took it, and never returned. Weeks later-voila!  I became "The Betty Crocker Homaker of Tomorrow "!  Apt, I guess! ;)
"Summarize "40" (NOW 50!) years (Career, travel etc.)
See above.  Also, I had an in-home, 12-child daycare/preschool until ten years ago, for twenty years when the financial demands of my ten LDS missionaries actually demanded REAL money.  I have worked for the last ten years (after finally becoming an empty-nester) in my husband’s Income Tax Business.  No retirement plans, alas.
Any Additional Comments:
I just realized when I saw Steve’s email that THIS was the weekend of “your” reunion!  I’ll send this along, in case you are just making an ebook, otherwise, I’m too late!  Have an enjoyable weekend.  I’m saving my air-ticket money for a granddaughter wedding in Missouri, and a trip to relatives on the East Coast. Enjoy the reunion- I went to the 10-year one, and found that the most interesting person there had been the quietest guy in High School, and the rest had their own their own friendships going—in other words, nothing had changed.  I would love to meet any of you (I'm considered "friendly" and chat with lots of strangers in a checkout line), but I don’t remember much about those years except for being VERY proud of Borah, I LOVED Ed Troxel (who became my sons’ football coach years later, and kindly claimed to remember me!), I steadily inched upwards in the poetry contests-thanks to dear Frances P. Reid-who entered me every yearJ, and I was stupidly lonely pretty much all of the time (not your fault, I had a lot of family upheaval). The only names I remember were: Cathy Tilzey, Karen Cahoon, Gloria Foster, Marianne Reed, Elena Martin (Hahn), Don Hahn, Carole South,Barrie Campbell, Bart Chaffee, (crush on) Steve Cannon, Larry Turpin, and assorted "untouchables" ;)- In my defense, I have ALWAYS been terrible with names!. I DID teach my kids to be LOTS smarter than me about High School, if that's any consolation!  Looking back, it felt like the tale of the "Star-bellied Sneetches". Party on!
What is your definition of retirement
Unrealistic, potentially wasteful, expensive, out-of-reach, impossible (we will “die in the traces”). Raising ten –plus children+ being self-employed=NOT financially profitable!
Candy on August 4, 2014 4:14 PM
Oh, dear! I just read the rest of the comments, and see that mine is very LONG!!! If I could figure out how to delete it, I would!  I guess I was just filling out the questionnaire that Steve sent - my bad!;)

Julie Claycomb Dunn on July 22, 2014 5:56 PM
Hello everyone - My biggest news is that I am moving back to Boise.  I have 3 first cousins and one aunt (who is 98) and I will enjoy spending time together.     I retired from nursing in 2007 so I could take care of my mom until her death in 2012.    After her death, my sister became very ill and I flew to Savannah, Ga. to take care of her for four months.  Living in the South was a learning experience for me in many ways.   
See you soon.    Julie                                                                                               

Phil Hansen on July 17, 2014 4:43 PM
Enjoying your website. I am managing one for Borah 1965.
I am letting my cousin Mike Giltzow know about this. As I run across '64 people they will definitly get this link.
Enjoy your reunion!
Lead any '65 people to the above link.

Karen (Kerby) Dillard on July 16, 2014 4:35 PM
Haven't been to a reunion for a few years.  I have not recieved any info from anyone in so many years I guess I gave up.  Hope to see those I've missed.  
Diana King on August 10, 2014 3:36 PM
(I THINK my e-mail's right.) Well, Miss Kerby, I saw you and of course, WE have not changed, right? LOL It was great fun... Even too short...

Joy Choborda - McMinn on June 15, 2014 10:49 PM
I don't know about the rest of you, but for me bigger letters are easier to read.

I live in Phoenix Arizona now and am still working.  I work for First Financial Equity Corporation, a Stockborker's Office as the Receptionist.  This a perfect job for me because I get to talk to people all day - my favorite thing to do.
I went to ISU after graduating.  Then I worked for the City of Boise in the Building Department for 15 years.  When my father passed away I ran his companies, A-1 Answering Service and Yellow Cab Company for 15 years.  The last 15 years I have been working at First Financial.  I guess I like making it at least 15 years per job.  
I was married twice, but no kids.  I grew up with my sisters boys all around me.  Now I have 6 great nieces and newphews and one more on the way.
Vicki and I were always together in high school, so I think it's fitting that I bring her with me to the reunion.


Steve Oliver on June 15, 2014 3:14 PM
Dear Borah '64 classmates,
We are now 46 days and counting until we gather again as a class for our 50th reunion in Boise. If you are planning to attend I would appreciate if you could go to our web site today:  www.borahhighclassof1964.com, RSVP and register.  The sooner the better as that will allow us time to confirm facilities, meals, etc.  As an added incentive we are adding a special offer to those registering by June 30.  Everyone who has completed the registration by then will be added to a raffle drawing on Saturday August 2.  Classmate Larry Howerton of Buck's Bags in Boise has offered one of his classic "Mustang" fishing float tubes to the winner.  We will also select 5 winners of our 50th Reunion T-Shirts (graphic design was created by classmate Bill Simpson, now deceased).  I've included a picture of both items for your review.
View photo in message Image
While on our site, would you please take a moment to enter a blog,and add your profile so we can all find out what you have been doing the past 50 years.  For those not attending, we want to hear from you as well.  Rather than printing a post reunion booklet we want to use our web site for communication. You can include pictures as well.
You will also see a memorial link to classmates who have passed away. Please review and let us know if you are aware of any names we have missed.  If, by chance you have a copy of any obits, we would like to post those as well.
Bear Smith and Judy Putnam Brown are putting together an awesome memorabilia display.  They are still looking for items to show.  If you have old pictures (grade school and Jr. High), or old Boise landmarks please scan and send to Bear at               jill@usmirrorandglass.com 
If you know of any former teachers around, we will be inviting them to our Friday night social at The Drink at Lake Harbor. Please get me contact information so I can send an invitation.
Also, would you please forward this email to any Borah classmates  on your contact list and personally invite them to attend this classic reunion.  Take a look at the missing list as well and let me know if you have current information on any.  I will attach an updated "missing" list.
Thanks for listening.  I do hope you plan to attend our reunion.  It is not every year you can celebrate 50.  This is going to be a great time.
Great day!
Go Lions.
Steve Oliver



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Rick Willard

Sandra Wood
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Lee Hobb on June 8, 2014 8:47 PM
I just had the pleasure of exchanging e-mails with Lyra.  I am hoping to be there for the reunion as I have only seen five (5) of you in the past 50 years. My wife and I may be moving back to Boise in the near future as well.

God Bless and Keep the Faith

Vicki Vanderhoef Cole on March 15, 2014 12:52 PM
Really looking forward to our 50th reunion.  I think the Lake Harbor venue site is perfect.  Always fun to be by the water.  Thanks to Lyra Spratt Manning for all the work setting that up.

I was a registered nurse for 40 yrs, retiring in 2007.  The last 27 yrs of my career were spent in oncology nursing (caring for cancer patients) & I retired from Mountain States Tumor Institute (St. Luke's).  Loved my career choice & would do it all over again (well maybe!)

Just celebrated my 30th wedding anniversary to Mick Cole by spending 2 wks. in Hawaii.  Would like to do that every February.

Have 2 sons, Jeff, age 45, who owns his own construction company, Diamond Contractors of Eagle, ID & David, age 40, who works in the airline industry in Greensboro, NC. I have 2 lovely granddaughters, Taylor, age 13, & Amber, age 8 plus 6 step grandchildren.

17 yrs ago Mick & I built a beautiful home on a small, private lake in McCall, ID & enjoy many wonderful times up there.

I go to the Borah breakfasts whenever I can & also the Willi B's afternoon get togethers.  So much fun to chat with everyone; we have such a good time.  Looking forward to the reunion in just 4 1/2 months.
Can hardly wait to see all my old friends.

Ken Stans on February 8, 2014 5:02 PM
Name: Ken Stans
Telephone: 208-631-2816

Comments: I will come to reunion, love to see everybody.

Richard Ramsey on February 8, 2014 11:07 AM
Hi. Sorry to be missing the 50th. Still have very fond memories of Boise and Borah. Anyone remember racing down Capitol Blvd. from the Depot on their bike? How about Mrs. Reid's creative writing class, M. LaChote in French, or the five mile run in Phys Ed? Hardly seems like so many years have raced by. My best to you all. Richard.

Judy Hudson on December 15, 2013 8:22 PM
I didn't get to graduate with the class I grew up with...from McKinley to South JR to Borah in 1961-2.  I moved to Murray, UT for those last two years, BUT I'm back 'home' & planning to attend the reunion at Borah.  Looking forward to catching up, & hoping Fran LeBaron & Vicki West will also.  Thanks to yous who are doing all the work!

Terry Domico on November 9, 2013 3:21 PM
Hi Classmates of 1964!
Although I now live and work in Australia, I hope to be able to attend our 50th Reunion.
In the meantime, I would like to share the address to our new website for the new book that I'm working on.
It's an amazing true story!
Tez (Australian shorthand for "Terry")
Shelly Stein Arbuckle on November 10, 2013 10:03 AM
Haven't missed a reunion yet...and definitely plan on attending the 50th. ???

Chris Sower on November 8, 2013 9:45 PM
Hi Class of 64 
We are still here in Siren, WI.  I am planning on the 50 year reunion.  Is December's breakfast at Eddie's on the 7th?  I will be in Boise  and would like to see everybody.  My information has not changed; Chris Sower, 9297 Kolander Road, Siren, WI 54872-8719.  If you need to contact me, email is sowerson1@juno.com.  Home phone is 515-653-2231 cell 715-566-1627.
hope to see you soon

Julie Claycomb Dunn on August 6, 2013 4:44 PM
Hello classmates. I had the pleasure of taking care of my mother, Helen, during the last decade of her life. I lived in Boise off and on since 2007. Since my mom's death in  June of 2012 I am back in Bend, Oregon. I still have relatives living in the Treasure Valley and usually visit 2-3 times a year.
I started to attend the Borah High Breakfast Club through the invitation of Judy Putnum Brown. We met at her former job with the State when I was trying to get my mother ready to give up her driver's license. She was in her middle 90's at the time. So, thanks Judy. I have enjoyed meeting former classmates.
I look forward to our 50th class reunion. Hope to see you all there. Julie

Teresa Kaady (Quinn) on April 28, 2013 5:44 PM
I have only attended the very first reunion for our Class of '64' and Iwould like to attend this next one, our '50th' next year.  Am looking forward to this time now that I have the time,,,,finally!

Linda Mitchell Stiller on April 5, 2013 1:52 PM
Thank you for setting up this website.  This way, even though I can't get to the Class Reunions, I can still keep in touch with the class and what is going on.  Sure would like to be able to meet you all for coffee and breakfast but it is a long way from GA to Boise.
Thanks for the invite and I am sorry that I can't make it to the Reunion.
Linda Mitchell

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