Two PowerPoint presentations have been uploaded to this site for your enjoyment. These presentations also include 1962-63. If you have PowerPoint software on your computer, you may download one or both files and then save them to your computer.
Be sure to tell your brothers, sisters, or any other Borah grad that they can also view this site and the PowerPoints too.  These are large files and may take 10 or more minutes to download so be patient.  I am sorry that due to these size limitations, it was not possible to cover every year since Borah was built.  I hope you find them enjoyable.
The first one is titled 2013 - Borah 1959 to 1963 - PART 1 and the second one is titled 2013 - Borah 1964 Plus Some History of 1970 - PART 2
Roxann Howell Dehlin
Rest assured that any donations you make to Borah class of 1964 will ONLY be used for class reunions and to keep this website available to you.  No personal compensation has or will be received.  Roxann
This website is a work in progress that I am pleased to be able to give to you.  In reproducing the 1961 to 1964 Borah High Library scrapbooks, the Idaho Statesman's newsprint articles of your activities have become blurred. Please understand that the Holiday season will necessarily delay my correction and subsequent uploading of these scrapbook pages to your website.    

Since your yearbook was printed in black and white, my work continues on colorizing your Safari yearbooks.  I decided to re-energize your memories by colorizing your beautiful photos and then isolating and enhancing some yearbook photos of your classmates. Creation of this website is my gift to all of my husband, Ron Dehlin's fellow classmates. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy creating it for you.           Roxann Howell Dehlin, Boise 1965

Bookmark www.borahhighclassof1964.com so you can update or create your current contact information - especially your e-mail addresses! This information will be received by Linda Loveland Cornelius through this confidential site and and you'll then receive all your news, photos and information. In 2014, you'll even be able to purchase your reunion ticket(s) through this website.

Memorial pages will help you remember your friends who have passed.
Please let Linda know through this website if you have information about a classmate's passing.

Your 45th year reunion was designed to generate memories and renew your many friendships. Your 50th-year reunion will continue this theme.  Details of your 50th-year Class Reunion, August 1, 2, & 3, 2014 will be posted on this site as plans develop. Check back frequently and keep us updated!  Roxann Howell Dehlin
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